Horrex is a rapidly growing design company and manufacturer, aiming with its products at the high and middle segments of the leisure vehicle market. Our product range includes flyscreen doors, window blind systems, room dividers and TV blinds. Horrex is headquartered in The Netherlands and operating a branch in the USA. We supply leading OEM’s in 26 countries, amongst which are the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, Japan, Canada and the USA. All Horrex products are characterized by innovation, flexibility and modularity. Thanks to these key aspects, integrated in their design, our product portfolio can easily fit an enormous variety of vehicles.

Horrex is able to quickly customize products to any interior design within short deadlines. Furthermore, the product can be supplied as a knock-down kit or completely assembled, all according to the customers’ preferences. Meanwhile, the production and assembly process has been transferred to production partners in and outside The Netherlands where more than 200 people are involved.

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