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Horrex Appoints Pouya Sadighinejad as the New Account Manager

Since 3 April 2023, Pouya Sadighinejad has joined Horrex as the new account manager to enhance communication and collaboration with clients. We have done a Q&A with Pouya to better understand who he is and what he will do at Horrex.


Hi Pouya, please tell us about yourself at work and off work.


I'm 35 years old and originally from Iran. I love doing sales. Every day is different at the sales office. It allows me to get to know different people and build a bond with them.


I also have my own painting studio in Rotterdam. At first, I wanted to become an architect. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I have picked up the spray bottles and become a painter. I have always felt this artistic impulse inside me since I was a kid and at this age, I’ve harnessed it.


I create abstract art with spiritual stories. I didn’t plan to sell my work, but people showed interest in acquiring them. The most import thing is that people understand my work and in this way my message gets delivered to the world.


What did you do before joining Horrex?


I worked as a floor manager in a restaurant. That was a creative and challenging job during the Covid time.  Finding ways to make a business survive and even thrive in a difficult time was a stressful and thrilling experience. I am glad that I made it.   


What is your “stunt” at work?


Communication. I enjoy talking to people and filtering the real information from all the “chaos”.

Then I use the information to work towards their needs and business goals.


What’s your experience with Horrex so far?  


There is a family atmosphere in the company and I love it!


What are your aspirations at Horrex?


Get out and visit customers. During my first visit, I sensed that our customers are keen

to discuss ideas and get more involved with us. 


I am motived to visit them all and explore the possibilities to grow together. 


We wish Pouya all the success in his new endeavour!

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