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All Horrex flyscreen doors are equipped with a high-quality pleated mesh to offer the best protection from insects and ensure excellent airflow. When closed, the mesh is clearly visible to avoid unintended damage. The sliding mechanism can be adjusted steplessly, so the door will never slam open, and provides a silent operation.

Keeping in mind the concept of modularity, our flyscreen doors can be easily customized to suit a wide range of RVs! Based on customers’ requirements Horrex can supply its flyscreen doors in both aluminium and PVC versions.

Flyscreen Door Aluminium

Solid construction and high-quality coating ensure perfect insect protection and durability. This aluminium flyscreen door is one of Horrex's core products available to OEMs and the after-sales market. The optional “threshold” feature gives the opportunity to accommodate cables and reduces dirt penetration.


  • 650mm x 1750mm (width* and height)

  • 650mm x 1850mm (width* and height)

  • 650mm x 1935mm (width* and height)

*width sizes are customizable for manufacturers. Please contact us about the possibilities. 


Manual (Dutch, English, German)

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The E-Line is made of high-quality PVC and has the same design as the UCS window blinds. This provides a perfect match with the window blinds for a coordinated RV interior.


To help personalize your vehicle, the E-Line can be supplied with colour coverings, the covers are also available in aluminium for the higher-end market. The flyscreen door closes with a magnet instead of a brush resulting in improved durability and insect protection. The bottom guider has been redesigned to minimize the collection of dirt.


The E-line comes with an interface enabling quick installation.


The Prima II is made of high-quality PVC and offers good value for the price- or weight-driven markets. The door has all the features, from a smooth stepless operation, pleated mesh to the opportunity to tailor it to your needs. A perfect solution where weight and interior design bring challenges!

The Prima II has been taken out of production - parts still available. 

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