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Thanks to the high strength powder-coated aluminium frame, the Horrex straight and curved (R5000) RV Flush acrylic windows are the newest must-have in the market. With a double glazed, UV-resistant tinted acrylic glass this window is ideal for sun-drenched summers. The multi-angle telescopic hinges, combined with our matching blind allow excellent airflow control. A great addition to your motorhome or caravan.

Combine the R5000 windows with our UCS blinds for optimum comfort. Our latest innovation - you can combine either the UCS curved or the UCS straight with the R5000 curved windows. 

Datasheet Horrex Curved Windows


Manual Horrex Curved Windows

Handleiding Horrex Curved Windows

Datasheet Horrex Straight Windows


Manual Horrex Straight Windows

Handleiding Horrex Straight Windows

Flush RV window
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