Are you a student? Then we are looking for you!

Who doesn’t love working on a project or task that will actually make a difference and not collect dust on a shelve? A project that does not stay a concept on a paper but actually takes form, that you can realise and see how it shapes the future of the business. A project where you have the chance from the very start to shape and tailor it to your passion and the company’s needs.

Driving Change is an innovative and dynamic group of companies that is always looking for challenges and exciting new projects. Therefore, we have always worked with a combination of experienced professionals guiding a large team of young professionals. Many of the young professionals in our team started here as interns or graduate students, did a great job and grew within the group. Many management positions and key operational positions are filled by our old interns.

We love working with students and creating win-win situations. They bring their ambition, independence, passion and drive into our projects. Students challenge us to constantly take a look at the way we do things and challenge our assumptions. They also bring new insights and ideas into our business. In exchange for their devotion and hard work, Driving Change shares all the knowledge and experience accumulated with them. We also provide individual and meaningful supervision to make sure they achieve the best results.   


Our student plan allows us to supervise and train you as a student to be colleagues instead of just another ‘intern’. You don’t need to get coffee for everybody, you are appreciated and your work is highly valued here.

Are you interested in becoming an intern at Horrex? Send an email to with your motivation letter and CV. 

Here are some of the perks of our Student Plan Programme:

In House Introduction

In the first week of the internship, the students will learn all the ins and outs of the company to be able to blend in and meet the colleagues.


Together with the students, we look for the perfect tailored internship or thesis assignment.


Students have weekly meetings with a supervisor, including a presentation every 10 weeks to the management and directors.


Students have the ability to work with 3D printers, software and even build prototypes of their designs.


Multidisciplinary internal projects to promote cooperation between students from different departments and create a teamwork spirit.


Students are encouraged to share ideas for products or processes outside their assignment.


Students are encouraged to share ideas for products or processes outside their assignment.


We welcome Dutch, Foreign, MBO, HBO or University students with a large array of project possibilities. The Dutch language isn’t required but at least English at a high level. Field of study example; Business related studies, Marketing & Sales, Industrial Product Designer etc...


Over the past years Horrex has had a lot of interns who were from all over the country. Universities Horrex recently worked together with are Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Den Haag University of Applied Sciences, Erasmus University, Da Vinci College, TU Delft and many more.


Our new office is located in Vlaardingen and is easy accessible via metro, car, public transport and bike. Station Vlaardingen Centrum is located at 15min walking distance.

We have monthly vrijmibo’s (Friday afternoon drinks) and regular drinks/dinners outside work.


You will receive a compensation of  €250 per month (based on a 5-day working week). 

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