Horrex' UCS is the improved version of the classic Duo Plissé. Thanks to its innovative design, UCS is the most compact and quick to mount window blind system on the market. The modular system enables us to quickly tailor it to our customers’ needs to easily fit any RV interior. The attractive and practical design has a solid construction which ensures a noise-free and hassle-free use. This is particularly important when driving a motorhome.

The shade fabric (blackout) consists of 4 layers ensuring no light entering the vehicle and a long durability. The mesh is made of a high-quality polyester that provides excellent air flow and durability after pleating. Both the blackout fabric and the mesh are available in a

fire retardant version.

Datasheet UCS



Datasheet UCS for Horrex/Driving Change window frame 

Through its different window interfaces the UCS fits every window system whether it is an aluminium- and rubber framed window.

Different locations in the vehicle lead to different requirements. Therefore each UCS is available as an “U” model – without a bottom frame – which is most commonly used in kitchen area’s as well as a 4-sided “O” model.

In most cases the UCS blind system combines sunshade and a flyscreen, however it is possible to apply only flyscreen or only shade. The UCS window blind is available in two colors, RAL9001 or RAL9005, and includes corner caps in the same color.


Although the “basic” version of the UCS window blind entails all the aforementioned features Horrex offers a range of options to further improve comfort or to personalize your vehicle.

100% blackout

Where the guiding cords in the basic version are drilled through the shade fabric they are now led through cordguiders that are placed behind the fabric. This ensures that at no point light enters the vehicle.

To reduce accumulation of heat between the blind and the window the UCS has perforated profiles to allow sufficient ventilation.

Colour finishing

To personalize your vehicle's interior or to improve the UCS to blend into the interior design Horrex offers coverings and corner caps in cream (RAL9001) white (RAL9016) or grey (RAL7047). On customers’ demand we can supply any color. The coverings can be easily fitted on the base profiles by a simple click. The color coverings do also allow OEM’s to create an aftersales market!

Honeycomb fabrics

To increase insulation of your vehicle Horrex can supply every UCS with honeycomb shade fabric. This option adds value for users travelling in area’s with extreme weather conditions. To improve a coherent appearance we can also provide the mesh in honeycomb.

Led backlight

For those people that really want to feel at home Horrex developed coverings including LED that give a fantastic glow of light on the wall. The system can be powered by the vehicle or an integrated battery pack. Also this LED pack provides an aftersales opportunity!

Curved Blinds

UCS Curved has a unique shape and it has been designed to fit curved windows without taking away any space from the living area. Every curved blind is tailored to the customers' radius to reduce installation time and to perfectly blend with the interior design. To ensure a smooth operation and durability, Horrex applies honeycomb black-out and mesh. UCS Curved is completely constructed from a high-quality aluminium.

Front blinds

Horrex designed a front blind system to meet the needs for fully integrated motorhomes. The system consists of a front blind and two side window blinds. The two pullbars can be operated separately so the blind provides privacy during the stay at the campsite. While driving, the screen prevents users from being blinded by the sun. The front blind can be supplied in a electrically powered version.

Electric blinds

The window blind range has been extended with electrically powered versions. Horrex offers versions with one or two individually powered pull bars allowing mesh and blackout to be adjusted independently. The system has a smooth and silent operation and is equipped with a remote control and soft stop closing. Horrex can customize the product by programming preset positions. The screens operate at 12 volts so a user is not dependent on campsite power.

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