The global motorhome and caravan market saw a rise in 2020.  Marketwatch, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) predicted a 7%  increase over the period 2019 to 2025.  In 2020 the market headed towards sales of $ 42 billion. One of the reasons for this growth is the increasing popularity of camping among millennials. As a result, commercial use is also increasing: there are more and more private rental companies offering motorhomes and caravans to this new target group. Another cause of explosive growth is the outbreak of the coronavirus. The corona crisis meant that motorhomes and caravans were extra attractive because they are self-sufficient, making a visit to, for example, the toilet building unnecessary. In this way, they offer a reliable and personal way of travelling. They are also the safest alternatives to other means of transport because measures such as social distancing can be properly observed. In addition, a camper or caravan makes a road trip possible and a safe escape from sitting at home.

In the Netherlands, the number of motorhomes and caravans grew enormously since the start of the corona crisis. Trade association KCI reports that 3 % more caravans and 17% more motorhomes were sold than in 2019. This is a total of about 7100 caravans and 2400 motorhomes. There are now 427,000 caravans and 139,500 motorhomes in the Netherlands, a number that is expected to continue to grow. Not only the corona crisis contributes to this: the figures show that the Netherlands is still a real camping country.


Of the 5.4 million caravans and motorhomes in Europe, 1 in 10 has a Dutch registration number. The Netherlands is also the country with the most caravans and motorhomes per 1000 inhabitants. Especially the number of motorhomes is steadily increasing and the Netherlands seems to be catching up with motorhome ownership. In our neighbouring countries Germany and France there are almost as many motorhomes as caravans.

According to the KCI, the turnover in the Netherlands is now 2.3 billion euros per year. Most of this turnover is achieved in the autumn because most campers order a new motorhome or caravan to receive it in the spring. European camping leisure now accounts for 55 billion euros a year. If the current trend continues, this number will only grow.

Sources: Ton Voermans for Het Parool, October 4th 2020

Marketwatch, August 24th 2020 [edited February 10th 2021]