VanCasco+ Premiere at Caravan Salon 2019

In the run-up to the 2019 Caravan Salon, in Düsseldorf, Horrex and Innova announced a unique cooperation in the field of campervans.

Horrex is a well-known Dutch supplier of insect screens and blinds for the camper and caravan industry. Annually, over 300,000 products find their way to the end consumer through OEMs and wholesalers worldwide. Under the name VanCasco+, Horrex, part of the Driving Change Group, is presenting an innovative and new concept for campervan converters. 

From the corporate headquarters in Vlaardingen, Horrex plans to offer camper builders the possibility to purchase an empty (casco) van with:

  1. Flush aluminium framed window systems with acrylic glass

  2. Skylights with acrylic glass

  3. Inno Slide, an innovative and patented slide-out system to increase the interior space

  4. Horrex pleated, honeycomb and fly screen systems


By doing a part of the preparation, Horrex can reduce the workload for small to mid-sized camper builders. Horrex CEO, Ed Gennissen explains,  "Due to the increasing demand for campervans, delivery times are vastly running up. With VanCasco+, converters can concentrate on what they are really good at, preparing the camper according to the customer’s wishes. Optionally, the camper builder can make a campervan available for partial conversion or get the aforementioned windows with combi-blinds or slide-out separately via Horrex for self-building.". On the exhibition floor, an empty Fiat Ducato was presented showing all the options so that visitors could see exactly what this innovative concept means.


The Dutch camper builder Innova is the first partner Horrex partner in this venture. Innova is known for its exclusive campervans such as the Mercedes Sprinter Road trip 595L, a model series in luxury yacht style with length beds. On the Horrex booth, the variant Mercedes Sprinter Roadtrip 595S with a slide-out was exhibited. Director Geert Stiphout of Innova informs: "With Inno Slide a double bed of 140 x 190 cm can be placed in the back of the camper where you can still walk around, which is unique for a bus. A different placement of the bed in combination with an extendable and very spacious bathroom also makes it possible to place extra seats and carry 4 instead of 2 passengers.". Incidentally, by reducing the walking space, it is even possible to create a bed of up to 160 cm wide and 210 cm long for tall people. The demonstration van at the exhibition also demonstrated the new extendable outdoor kitchen.


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